This year we are seeing the style conscious go out of their way to pull together classic ensembles, and for good reason. With much of the country spending the greater part of the year in social lockdown, this Winter 2021, many people (including Influencers) feel like you must find joy where you can.  Fashion has always been an avenue for creatives to make a statement. This season we see style influencers on Instagram  participate in a viral theme of all the outfits they bought for the year that they couldn’t wear out (now they have to settle for 1000s of Reel views?!?!). I did the hard work of analyzing the trends for the season so you don’t run the risk of looking dated, even if you are just going to the living room.

1. Wool structured coat

The first of the top 10 trends for Autumn/Winter 2020 should be staple in your wardrobe because everyone needs a classic, structured wool coat. It seems like every fashionista is wearing this in either camel, black, or a creamy white while the more daring are playing with colors like red and baby blue.

2. Leather

Another classic wardrobe staple and perhaps my favorite whether or not one chooses to opt for the more sustainable vegan leather. We are seeing more leather blouses, leather dresses, and these popular pants on many influencers on Instagram.

3. Tweed

I love this trend because in my opinion, I prefer daily dress to return to a time where we were more formal. I think the lockdowns have people longing for the same considering there haven’t really been leisure opportunities to show off our more stylish pieces the way we normally would pre-Covid days. Tweed is a fabric being used for more accessories besides the classic Chanel suits.

4. Winter Whites

It used to be a crime against fashion to wear white after Labor Day but luckily we have moved away from such antiquated beliefs to incorporate warm white tones in the Fall and Winter seasons. If you are still worried about wearing white start by monochromatic outerwear accessories like a hat, glove, and shoes. Or if you have graduated into a more elevated style monochromatic cream ensembles that include a white structured coat takes in to the next level.

5. Knit Wear

This might be a trend that isn’t going to leave us anytime soon as long as Zoom meetings are a thing. I used to be amused at the way biker shorts and leisurewear seemed to be only reserved for those without any serious places to be, but given the circumstances, everyone was looking to get in some cozy loungewear in fabrics like chenille and cashmere.

6. Lug Sole Boots

Are you even a fashionista without THE Fall 2020/ Winter 2021 trend? Every one of my favorite Instagram style influencers I follow have this boot and every clothing retailer included some version of this boot in their inventory. This boot does double duty because I’ve seen them paired up with party dresses and down with structured coats.

7. Classic Patterns of houndstooth, tartan, gingham and plaids

As you can see thus far, overall the trend in fashion is to more classic, formal dress and this is no different  when it comes to the prints and patterns that designers chose to incorporate in their collections and what the style conscious are interpreting. Variations of classic prints like houndstooth, plaid, tartan, and gingham are all popular right now.

8. The Skirt Suit

90s Chanel skirt suits are what’s inspiring the rich girl aesthetic themes that’s fueling the current iteration of style and we see that with the amount of skirt suits we are seeing make its way from the runways into the average girl’s closet. Of course these skirt suits are tweed as well.

9. Balloon Sleeves

Balloon sleeves are a classic feature we are seeing that’s being borrowed from the Victorian era. Not necessarily the structured power shoulder pad we saw in the 80’s, this version gives shoulders a feminine touch with it’s rounded countenance.

10. Oversized Blazers

This trend IS taken from the late 80s and early 90s powersuit but once again opting for a more feminine touch that does away with the matching pants. On the contrary the suit jacket IS the dress when its paired with a waist-cinching statement belt.