There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than dressing up in a costume that pays homage to your favorite pop culture reference or character. Pop icons like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, and Heidi Klum are perfect examples of celebrities who have created memorable Halloween costumes in the past.

But this year’s celebrities seem to be lacking creativity. This year celebrities gave us boring Halloween costumes that did the least. They gave us costumes that were not only unoriginal but also very boring. Take for example Lori Harvey’s take on the old Playboy Pinup costume – it was just a lame leotard &bunny ears with some makeup on her face and she didn’t even bother styling her hair into an updo or anything!

It seems like famous people are making their efforts less-and-less about originality and more about just trying to sell what they know will sell well. The result worked out well for Hailey Bieber. We all love Britney so much and as long as you execute well, which she did, it will be received well. But seriously, originality was LATE to the function I fear.

I did appreciate Lizzo going all in on her Baby Yoda costume, and of course Lil Nas X does a great job poking fun every Halloween. Honestly, it seemed there weren’t too many people dressing up this year, or they were opting for more intimate Halloween gatherings amongst their closest friends. Good for them, glad to know there are still some people having fun and not completely alienating their closest friends.

Anyways, here are some of my favorite celebrity costumes this year…..

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2021

1. Kendall Jenner as Martian Girl from Tim Burton’s “Mars Attacks!” (1996)

At first I was disappointed at some photos of Kendall dressed up as a half-assed corpse bride but ended up loving this Mars Attacks! reference.

2. Ciara as TLC from the video “No Scrubs” (1999)

Ciara executed this one well, depicting the girl group’s video looks from one of their biggest hit songs. Her other costumes of the year to me, fell flat.

3. Bretman Rock as Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat

Firt of all, I love me some Bretman and I loved how he made this his own. It didn’t need to be over the top, merely he was able to execute this costume flawlessly by being his hot sculpted self.

4. Hailey Bieber as Britney Spears in the video “Hit Me Baby One More Time” (1998)

We get it, Britney is an icon, but like this costume has been overdone. Still, Hailey Bieber did pull this off. So I’m happy. But is anybody tired of this costume yet? No?

5. Lizzo as Baby Yoda

I love Lizzo and how she just does what she feel like and leaves the haters mad. Effortlessly hot, there is no mistake but this costume was quirky and fun.

6. Chloe Bailey as Lola from “Shark Tale” (2004)

I was so surprised at how much Chloe resembled this character haha. So this might be one of my top favorite costumes I’ve seen come out of this year.

In general though, everyone seemed to give bare minimum effort. Nostalgia being an overarching theme in everything pop culture right now, I guess I feel like I was seeing the same looks over and over again. Make creatives creative again. Who had some of your favorite celebrity Halloween costumes this year?