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We’ve now found ourselves full swing into the holiday season, with Halloween behind us. It’s been a long year and good for you if you still have friends.

Even if you are feeling a bit isolated, you still have people that want to be around you. Maybe you alienated them last election cycle or got unreasonably paranoid over the cooties…. or they just don’t know how to contact you (you dropped off the map and changed your number).

Relax and plan a cute get together. Reach out and make plans to SEE YOUR FRIENDS! Now is not the time to hold grudges or show off your vaccination status (or lack there of). I think we all have grown tired of the divisive bullsh*t. So much is being revealed daily that much of the causes we were so heavily invested in turned out to be manipulative marketing to influence our behavior. Now we may be at a crossroads of no return.

So this is a great time to get in touch with people you haven’t seen in a while. Friendgiving, or Friendsgiving, is an Americanized trend that has become popular all over the world. The idea of Friendsgiving is that friends get together for dinner and share the Thanksgiving meal. If you’re looking for an excuse to reconnect with your friends, then hosting a dinner party could be it!

What are some things you should have ready for your Friendsgiving celebration? There are many options. You can have four course meals or soups, wine or fall cocktails. You can even combine them! And if you need help setting the vibe at your Friendsgiving party, well I put together a few moodboards for that.

Bronze Gravy Boat, $38

Amethyst Coaster, $16

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