I tried one of Hollywood’s hottest workouts at Sculpthouse, a Pilates boutique in the Buckhead neighborhood in Atlanta, Ga.

Recently, I tried a new workout format that turned out to be the most intense workout I’ve ever done. Holy Crap was this hard but so rewarding!

I tried this workout at Sculpthouse in Atlanta, Ga, a Pilates studio that uses a machine called the reformer to sculpt and engage your core muscles, including your abs, glutes, and lower back. Anyone wanting to shred their love handles, this is for you.

In the past I’ve enjoyed standard mat Pilates workouts very much. The combination movements focuses on toning your tummy and improving core strength while improving flexibility. Doing Pilates regularly also helps with stabilizing your back & spine. I love the workout because it does all this while also being low impact and I’m always able to get the results I’m looking for in a short amount of time. Basically, if you want to tone your core Pilates is where it’s at.

Lately, however, I noticed some of the girls I follow on IG taking it up a notch when it came to this popular workout. Just recently, Kylie Jenner shared an IG story of her and Hailey Bieber working out together and they were using the Pilates Reformer. If you aren’t familiar, a Pilates Reformer is a bed-like piece of equipment with springs that allows it to roll back and forth as you lay on it doing controlled postural movements. You can adjust the resistance.

Basically, where regular mat Pilates is a low-impact exercise similar to Yoga that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment, balance and flexibility, the Pilates Reformer adds in the resistance training to work out the entire body.  So I was excited to try this to facilitate my plans to sculpt and lean out my body.

I decided to take a class at Sculpthouse through the app ClassPass, an awesome concept that allows you to pay a monthly fee for credits to sit in on several different fitness studios in your area. I absolutely LOVE the convenience and flexibility of ClassPass because the app allowed me to explore different workout formats and ultimately helped me commit to a regular workout routine.

The Sculpthouse location in the Buckhead neighborhood was clean and even had cute apparel & accessories in its adjoining boutique. Prior to class you must purchase a pair of special socks. These socks have grips on them because you will be working on the reformer and this helps you not slip. I was greeted with the cutest handwritten card welcoming to my first experience at Sculpthouse which I thought was such a nice personal touch!

The workout experience was intense. The studio suggests committing to 4 classes to really get acclimated to the workout and to begin seeing results. I remember feeling so in awe of everyone around me busting this out. Even though I was woefully out of shape to attempt this, I am proud that I kept up and I kept going to finish. Not to mention, I did feel like one of those rich Hollywood moms that drinks detox juices. Also, there are some interesting people in class with you and I couldn’t help wanting to know more about them. Some hotties too.

So here’s the tea: Sculpthouse is the type of workout where you’re going to want to have matching athleticwear and definitely a pedicure because your toes will be out. I wouldn’t do ANYTHING that could possibly bloat you before this workout either, because you wouldn’t want to be caught dead passing gas in such a small class haha. After the workout your thighs and booty are going to feel like jelly. I would definitely do this workout again. Have you tried a Pilates workout that used a Reformer? Did you like it?