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As like most people, the majority of my unoccupied time (embarrassingly) is spent scrolling through an app that everyone hates to love – Tik Tok. And while I feel incredible guilt spending the amount of time I do on Tik Tok I do discover some really cool products and ideas from it. Namely, my algorithm consists of Black girl in luxury, bimbo aesthetic, pilates, and manifestation themes, sprinkled in with cryptocurrency and himbos (hehe).

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Miracle Balm
Jones Road Beauty

Today I got a targeted ad introducing me to Jones Road Beauty which is a woman-owned company by famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown. This is her new endeavor that aims to provide clean high-grade formulations that work on every skin type and tone. One thing I noticed was that these products seemed to be high performance and the Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm will help me achieve a no-makeup makeup look naturally.

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The makeup essential you didn’t know you needed.

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What I like about Jones Road Beauty is that it is the latest brainchild of Bobbi Brown, a makeup artist I’ve followed for years and is the author of the very first beauty book I bought in high school to teach me how to do my makeup, Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty. This book helped me to learn how to confidently do my makeup so I’m excited to discover new methods that will help me look my best self as I redefine my image as a woman in her 30s. One way I’ve done that is to embrace a no-makeup makeup look. I want to look like my makeup is natural , even though it may actually be contoured. The Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm can be worn alone and be applied to your cheeks, eyelids, lips or anywhere else you want to glow. Buy it here for $38.