Sometimes you have to spend a little more to get the results you want.

Necessaire Body Duo has made a big splash in the beauty world and after reading about the products I was curious to know if this brand could help my skin care concerns. For as long as I can remember I’ve had what I describe as strawberry legs, visible follicles making themselves present, all over my legs. I remember being no more than 8 years old, riding in my grandmothers Grand Prix when she looked down and exclaimed, “You got chicken skin!”

Sure enough as a I looked down, I did have indeed what looked like chicken skin. At that point in time I didn’t think much of it. As long as I kept lotion on my legs and couldn’t be teased on bring ashy I was good to go. I don’t think I even had an issue with my visible follicles in high school either, and definitely not in college. Somewhere after college, when I became hyper aware that I wasn’t engaging in nearly as much grooming activities as my feminine contemporaries is when, I believe, I became self conscious about a condition that I would soon come to technically understand as keratosis polaris.

To be honest, it seems the condition got worse when I began to strictly shower instead of the long, luxurious hot baths that the women in my family routinely engaged in. Growing up, a shower was so cool to me because in my household “showering ran the water bill up”. Nowadays, just having the time to sit in the tub in silence is a luxury.
Nonetheless, I began to get serious about the appearance of my skin and sought to get my strawberry legs smooth and flawless. Let me just say right now that I have yet to achieve this 😂

Although it’s a constant ritual and I’m I’m slowly making progress I think I’ve found a good thing in this new brand Necessaire. I was first introduced to the brand after seeing @labeautyologist on Twitter speak so highly of it. Formulated with ingredients like Vitamin E and skin ingredient powerhouse Niacinamide, Necessaire Body Wash is described as a daily multivitamin cleanser for your body. Sign me the eff up!! Seriously, I buy so many products for my face and I’m so obsessed with my skin that I have often used facial products on other parts of my body. I’m surprised that other brands haven’t hopped on the body skincare movement outside of sunscreen & tanning products. But it gets better! The body wash isn’t the only product in Necessaire’s product line, which also includes The Body Exfoliator. The Body Exfoliator packs a punch with ingredients like lactic acid, glycolic acid, and bamboo charcoal and has dramatically improved the way my skin looks and feels. I’m on of those consumers that discovers products, reads the ingredients, read reviews and then put it on my watchlist to catch the product on sale so I can do a trial run to see how it works for me. I can truly say I’m excited for this brand. I love the no frills eco friendly packaging and I love that it’s an Allure Best in Beauty Award winner. When I shower with this, I feel grown up, an actual adult woman, if you will. Ha!

Anyways, Necessaire has become a vital part in tackling this strawberry skin. Using the Exfoliator three times a week, along with the multivitamin cleanser each day softens my skin. I also like to use my Korea Italy Towel when I exfoliate also. Then, while my skin is still damp I apply CeraVe SA Cream to my legs, which was recommended by my dermatologist. The CeraVe SA Cream has been a game changer and I can’t believe I haven’t been using the product sooner. It’s ingredients is designed to give you skin ultimate moisture at the same time it’s main ingredient salicylic acid helps exfoliate the keratin that builds up around my hair follicles.

For now, this routine is really transforming the look of my legs. I’ve been doing this for the past few weeks and I think with consistency I should see the results I want without adding my legs to my laser hair removal process. We shall see!

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