Show Your Bestie Love This Valentine’s Day

This past year made us really take inventory of our friend group (or lack thereof) and put in perspective the importance of friendship. Often, it is our friendships that fuel our need for intimacy and joy. Even researchers noted that the pandemic made obvious that the interactions most people had pre-pandemic were superficial at best. Nonetheless, everyone needs friends. This Valentine’s Day, make sure to show your gal pals some love.
Fall Outerwear 2020

10 fashion Trends for Winter 2021

This year we are seeing the style conscious go out of their way to pull together classic ensembles, and for good reason. With much of the country spending the greater part of the year in social lockdown, this Winter 2021, many people (including Influencers) feel like you must find joy where you can.  Fashion has always been an avenue for creatives to make a statement. This season we see style influencers on Instagram  participate in a viral theme of all the outfits they bought for the year that they couldn’t
Clear, ageless skin

Why Differin gel is the Holy Grail for Adult Acne

The truth is many grown women past the age of thirty are dealing with adult acne. So after doing all my research on the different types of retinoids, I stumbled across Differin gel and it has become a staple in my streamlined skincare routine. Adapalene, the generic name for Differin, is one of the prescription strength retinoids that is now available over the counter. Let me tell you, the results were almost instantaneous.
Why you suck at dating, woman alone at home on her phone searching dating apps

Why you ain’t got no man

I know this title is triggering (bad grammar aside) but what if I told you that you truly can have the relationship you really want? How would you feel if you woke up to coffee in bed and good morning kisses, encouragement and protection from the man of your dreams ? Or most importantly, how would refreshing would it feel to not have to live a life of stress trying to survive on your own and be allowed to be a feminine woman ? I hope those questions didn’t seem
Necessaire Body Wash Duo

Discover the Body Duo that will Have your skin glowing | Necessaire Body Duo Product Review

Necessaire Body Duo has made a big splash in the beauty world and after reading about the products I was curious to know if this brand could help my skin care concerns. For as long as I can remember I’ve had what I describe as strawberry legs, visible follicles making themselves present, all over my legs. I remember being no more than 8 years old, riding in my grandmothers Grand Prix when she looked down and exclaimed, “You got chicken skin!” Sure enough as a I looked down, I did


Wow the weather has been absolutely beautiful lately in Atlanta, which is ironic considering technically we’re not really allowed to be out enjoying it….too much. I must admit, its hard to believe in an invisible enemy when sunny skies beckon you outside. I’ll spare you any conspiracy theories moving further, but lets just say, I’m OVER IT. Each day I feel like I oscillate between checking social media, feeling guilty for not being productive, and then working on some course or self help program I’ve decided to commit to. As