You are settling !

Don’t block your blessings sis.

Yes, like the men I mentioned above, you talk to anybody that talks to you.
You haven’t figured out what you want and so you haven’t set the standards that would facilitate you getting what you want. You are cool with Mr.Right Now, and you should know by now that losers love to oblige you with a good time. You are cool with the perpetual “just talking” stage. Not only are you cool with just talking, you are taking yourself off the market for men you’re just talking to! Wow that’s hustling backwards. You’ve set in place bad habits from the beginning. No commitment in place but now you are “hanging out” exclusively with a guy you’re “just talking to”. You’re just happy to be there and say you got somebody. So not only are you not clear on you want, now you are distracting yourself with what you don’t want and pretending it’s something you do.

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