You make excuses for men.

This is embarrassing because for some reason women believe men have it hard in life so they feel they need to make excuses for why the men they are involved with aren’t up to par.

I know we all like to act like men & women are the same but last I check men still make more than women do and have greater access to opportunities. Now whether men make the right choices is something only they can be accountable for.

The biggest way this mindset manifests is through cliches like “splitting bills” and women trying to use their careers as tools to attract men. It attracts men alright but not the men who are going to make you feel like the natural woman Aretha was talking about. Actually, you’re gonna find yourself in the mother role where you are the provider.

Let me tell you, most men resent women who stay with them when they are losers. God forbid you’re with an apathetic man. He thinks he’s hit the jackpot because he doesn’t have to level up and you got everything. You’re his workhorse, you hold him down, GO YOU! SIKE!

Now let me ask you, when you dreamed about your husband/partner did you dream about being the man in the relationship?

Learn to let men be men.