You don’t take care of yourself.

I think this is the most heartbreaking because many women are mislead to believe that being low maintenance makes them more desirable to men. What it translates to is apathy towards yourself.
And gosh does it attract broke men and even worse, cheap men. There are very real metaphysical dynamics at play in relationships, but the type of man you want has a strong sense of responsibility and takes pride in being a man that can provide. Men like their women to reflect their ability to provide. Only lazy men are attracted to women who don’t put themselves first.

Nothing repels broke/undesirable men faster than a woman who takes impeccable care of herself because he know he can’t maintain that. That’s a GREAT consequence of taking care of yourself. If you find yourself being mistreated by men and wondering “I don’t understand I’m pretty and I always end up with dogs”, it’s because you aren’t taking care of yourself the way you should. And it’s not just physical, it’s emotional and it goes back to knowing what you want and need. Hell do you know your love language girl? Are you making sure you are getting it?!

Women who take care of themselves have a high sense of self preservation. They put themselves first always and believe any man in their life should put them first too. At any point it stops feeling good or they don’t feel like their needs are being met, they move on. Anytime they recognize their current reality isn’t in alignment with what they want they move on. It’s simple really, it’s up to you to make sure you are getting the care you need, all the time. Not just when he is feeling up to it.

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