You don’t have hobbies

I mean real hobbies outside of shopping and drinking. Or church eyeroll or whatever nonsense you think makes you look valuable to a man. Men want companionship, someone they can have fun with. Bonus if they can incorporate you in their friend group. You don’t have to like sports but then you may not need to be with a diehard NFL guy. Also it’s OKAY to have different hobbies than your man but you need to have something. No man wants a woman who sit up under him all day, unless that’s just your thing (but that goes back to what I mentioned earlier, knowing what YOU want and therefore what you expect from a man).

Men find it impressive if you have hobbies you are passionate about. You get bonus points for trying new things. Men like women who have their own is important to be able to entertain yourself especially if you are to be with a man who has a business about himself. You can’t say you want a provider then complain he’s working all the time. He’s not gonna wanna argue why he’s always working. Be his peace then and let him spend his leisure with you. Only relax & be leisurely with employed men .