Your friends are desperate & single too.

I think this might hurt a few feelings but it has to be said. If you want the relationship of your dreams you need to be around people who know how to be in relationships. Your always single hoe friend is fun for shenanigans and meeting Mr. Right Now but you’ll be hard pressed to find the type of men you really want because clearly she doesn’t attract them and she is clearly hell bent on having fun with the wrong guys.

Conversely, she can’t introduce you to her man’s friends because she ain’t got no man. You see how that work? It’s like both are y’all are circling the drain to nowhere if y’all don’t have the same strategy when it comes to men. I also feel like if you and your friend have different values when it comes to relationships she is probably not gonna be the wing woman you want to take when you are wanting to meet ideal suitors for yourself.

Now I want to talk about hater “friends” with friends in quotes because these women aren’t your friends. They are your competition or they see YOU as their competition and they need to neutralize your self esteem with doubt. These “friends” like to question you about why you doing things you want to do and know you can achieve.

Why are you going for him?
Why you wearing that?


Passive aggressively giving you compliments like,
“I love how confident you are wearing that”

Avoid “friends” like this, they don’t want to see you doing better than them. They prefer you without a man, struggling, stressed out like them. Even worse they like to see you being less than them so they actively support you being in those positions and will posture like they “care for you”

Actually you will find many women in your family like this too…….

Books about female friendships.