You aren’t putting yourself in the right environments.

This is where have friends who share your values come in. For example, your friend who has the same relationship values (desire family oriented loyal men) can introduce you to the friends of her man(who is also a family oriented loyal man). Generally his friends reflect the same values.

Another reason why you may not have a man is because you are picking up men in the trashiest of places. I think bars and clubs are the worst because you can’t have a real conversation and it’s just dangerous all around. The music is loud and chances are the way you guys met was from your bum twerking on his pelvis to a fun song. Next thing you know you’re giving your number to this stranger you still have yet to have a real conversation with….. and then he simply texts you and asks very generically “what do you like to do for fun?”

If you want a quality man, you need to put yourself in the environments where the type of men you want go and dress the part, if you want a business man go to the happy hour spots where the men in the business district of town go for work drinks. Having a hobby that a lot of men enjoy may help too.

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If you want the good man that’s gonna handle the household and make you feel like a woman, you will have to be deliberate and cutthroat.

Women who end up with the providers do not compromise on their requirements. It’s like they have a recipe for a cake they want to make but unless they have all the ingredients they won’t even attempt to make it work. They also don’t say “Hey I got the ingredients except sugar so I’ll make pancakes instead”. They know their femininity is their asset to use and they know real masculine men prefer feminine women they can protect. If this resonated with you, leave a comment! Also, if you want the tips on how to find good men, topics about strategic dating, you definitely need to sign up for my newsletter.

xo Marita